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What We Do

South West Cradles suspended access platforms also known as cradles, raise and lower personnel and materials to their working position using cables and powered winches.

We provide suspended access platforms, using powered cables and winches

Ideal for installation, inspection and maintenance work for construction or industrial projects, suspended access platforms are popular with contractors due to their speed and convenience.

Installation, inspection and maintenance work

Suspended either from existing roof rails or from a specially fabricated support structure, we can design and install the entire assembly

What we provide

  • Access Cradles from 1 metre to 16 metres
  • Work Cages
  • Corner Cradles
  • Balcony Cradles
  • Bosuns Chair
  • Nifty Lift


Alpha 240v & 110 v, Compact 240v, Scarfor
8mm Skylocks, 9mm Skylocks
Skystage Light Weight Heavy Deck
Wire Ropes
From 1 metre to 120 metres