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Suspension Rig Systems

Overall, South West Cradles Ltd Suspended Access Service aim to provide a fast, reliable and fully comprehensive range of top quality equipment and supporting services.

Quotations and technical advice are freely available on both power and manually operated installation requirements. Most equipment within the South West Cradles Ltd range is available for both sale and hire. Installations of equipment hired from South West Cradles Ltd will normally be carried out by South West Cradles Ltd own specially trained operatives.

Installations of purchased equipment can also be undertaken by South West Cradles Ltd if required.

Complete spares, repairs, regular maintenance and statutory testing facilities, for both hired and purchased equipment, are also available from South West Cradles (UK) Ltd, Suspended Access Services.

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Roof Systems and Platform Accessories

Note 1: Independent tests indicate that the
sheave will start to lose traction when rope
loading is between 750kg – 1000kg.

Note 2: Sky Lock safety device automatically
activated when ‘No Power’. Emergency Lowering
speed is exceeded

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