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Suspended Lightweight Platforms

Lightweight Skystage Systems

Maximum benefit from the 500kg lifting capacity of the Alpha hoist is gained when used with the lightweight, modular aluminium Sky Stage platforms also available for sale and hire from South West Cradles (UK) Ltd, Suspended Access Services.

Standardised Platform Sections

Platform sections come in standard lengths of 2m and 3m which can be combined to form the required length.
For ease and economy of transportation, storage and handling, each section is fully demountable but can be quickly assembled –including the attachment of the Alpha hoist – using only two 19mm AF spanners and a screwdriver.

Modular Design

All our cradles are of a modular design, which means they can be made to fit a certain area.
They can range from 1 to 16 metres.
The diagram below shows how the cradle is made up.

Heavyweight Skystage Platforms

Our different modular designed platform systems, available for any sized building.

1 Metre Platform System

Motorised workcage
Access to confined spaces

Bosun Seat Platform System

The Bosun seat is a manual or motorised unit.
Access to confined spaces

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